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Patanjali Saumya Eye Drop (FREE SHIPPING)

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Patanjali Saumya Eye Drop (FREE SHIPPING)

Pack Description

Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 10 ml
Product Expiry 6 Months
Product Usage 2-3 drops 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician.

Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Patanjali Saumya Eye Drop is an ayurvedic medicine which contains natural herbs.Refreshes tired eyes.


Each 5 ml contains:-
Aprajita, Nirgundi, Tulsi Patra, Haritaki, Nimba, Mamira, Bahera, Bhringraj, Rakt Chandan, Nirmali,Lodhra,Mulethi,Amla,Sahijana,Haridra, Durba, Palash,Punarnava, ALoevera, Rasaut, Coriander, Ajmoda, Manjishtha, Gulab Camphor, Sandhav Lavan, Yashad Bhasm, Shudh Suhaga, Sphatic Bhasm, glycerine.