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Patanjali Package for Leucoderma (FREE SHIPPING)

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Patanjali Package for Leucoderma (FREE SHIPPING)

Pack Description

Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 300g
Product Expiry 1 Month Package
Product Usage To be used as per the instructions mentioned in the description of the product.

Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Patanjali Package for Leucoderma. A completely safe and natural way for skin disease / problem - Leucoderma.

Package Ingredients-:

1. Divya Kayakalp Vati              20 gm
2. Divya Giloya sat                    20 gm
3. Divya Bakuchi churna           50 gm

4. Divya Switraghana Lep 100 gm

Mode of Administration

* Medicine No. 1,2,3 - Mix all these three medicines together & divide into 90 parts, take one an hour before each meal i.e. breakfast, lunch & dinner with water. Note:- make a fine powder of Divya kayakalp vati and then use .

* Medicine No. 4 - Prepare a past by mixing cow’s urine (use fresh water if cow's urine not available) & the juice of neem leaves, then apply on the spots.

* Cow urine is Godhan Ark in patanjali.Please purchase it seperately from our website if required.

Dosage : 1 month

No advise for dosage or any other problem will be given over the phone or thru email.Dosage is mentioned clearly, for any additional advice please contact an ayurvedic doctor.