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Patanjali Carom Seeds (FREE SHIPPING)

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Patanjali Carom Seeds (FREE SHIPPING)

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Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 100 g
Product Expiry More than 8 months
Product Usage To be used as per taste.

Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Patanjali Ajwain is packed with high ajowan Trachyspermum ammi, also known as Ajowan caraway, bishop's weed or carom, is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. The plant is also called bishop's weed, but this is a common name it shares with some other different plants. The "seed" is often confused with lovage "seed".

* It helps to nutrilised the stomach Acidity.
* Carom seeds are the best remedy to cure digestion related problems like Gastric , bowel motion, ulcer.
* Help in curing Kidney disorder, Asthma, Liver and kidney, Mouth problems and Cold.

Arogya Spices assure your unadulterated and the finest spices from across India. Use them to add relish to your food and goodness to your health.India has always been known for the best spices in the world, since time immemorial. Spices are considered the wealth of India for which Traders from far-flung corner of the earth explored the length and breath of India. These spices were not only valuable for their aroma and taste, but the ancient new their medicinal benefit as well. Now through Arogya spices, Patanjali Ayurved brings you the world treasure of health and wellness.Patanjali Masale is tasty and healthy. In the olden times also Masale are used to pacify various kinds of diseases in Ayurveda. Masale are used in different curries for flavour purpose more than their medicated values in Present times. Patanjali Masale have unique fl avour, taste and medication in its nature, because Arogya Masale made by Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Ayurveda are from premium grade of herbals and flavoured medicated ingredients. To nourish the taste and cherish the health use Arogya Masale.

Carom seeds, commonly known as Ajwain is used to add flavour to the deep fried dishes. Ajwain, a herb has several health benefits. A carom seed is not only used as a spice in food but also as an ingredient for medicines. These grayish-green colored carom seeds have a bitter and hot taste.

Following are few health benefits of ajwain (carom seeds).

1. Ajwain has anti-acids which cures digestion problem. Have few ajwain seeds with buttermilk to get rid of indigestion.

2. Ajwain if eaten during cold provides relief and helps take cough and mucus out naturally. Chew the seeds and swallow with warm water. It also cures bronchitis and asthma. Mix it with jaggery and have 1/2-2 tsps twice a day.

3. Stomach or intestinal pain due to indigestion, infection or gastric can be cured by having ajwain seeds with warm water. One of the most important health benefits of ajwain is, the herb cures liver and kidney malfunctioning. It is a natural remedy to get rid of kidney stones.

4. Pain in the heart, head and ears are also reduced by having ajwain seeds. Giving ajwain oil drops in the ears reduce the pain whereas having ajwain with hot water provides relief from heart and head pain.

5. Massaging ajwain oil prevents joint pain and cures arthritis. It is also used to treat rheumatic and neuralgic pain.

6. Another health benefits of ajwain is it controls the discomfort in the stomach after drinking alcohol. It controls vomiting and increases appetite.

7. Ajwain seeds avoids bad breath and cures mouth pile. After meals, you can chew few seeds as a mouth freshener. You can also boil ajwain in water and gargle to get relief from toothache.

8. It is believed that having ajwain during menstruation reduces the cramps. Roast few seeds and have with milk.

9. Ajwain helps get rid of acidity too. Roast carom seeds with cumin seeds and boil in water. Drain after boiling and add sugar. Have it as a natural medicine to cure acidity.

10. Having ajwain during pregnancy is believed to purify blood and improve the blood flow in body.
These are the health benefits of ajwain or carom seeds. You can use in dals, sabji, rotis or paranthas or fried pakoras!

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